$2,000 Chamber Riggall Fellowship - Deniliquin Business Chamber

$2,000 Chamber Riggall Fellowship

The fellowship is now open and accepting applications!

The Chamber Riggall Fellowship provides a young person aged 35 or under, working in a Deniliquin business up to $2,000 towards training, study or in professional development to put new skills into practice.

Named for Gaye Riggall, the fellowship is an initiative of the Riggall family and the Denilquin Business Chamber which aims to support the development of a young person in business in Deniliquin. Now in it’s third year, the fellowship is a valuable opportunity for a young person within Deniliquin to develop their skills and further their career goals.

Applicant Information

Applications close Monday 10 May 2021.

Chamber Riggall Guidelines 2021

Applications will be assessed by the responses to the following questions:

Tell us about your career and/or educational background

Outline how your chosen training will help you achieve your career aspirations

Outline how your chosen training will help your employer achieve their business goals and/or provide benefits to the wider Deniliquin community

Gaye Riggall strongly believed in giving back to the community. She had high personal standards and integrity and a great regard for those who strive for excellence. Tell us how you personally embody those characteristics.

Please note that the application form does not support saved answers. We suggest you write your answers to the above questions and copy and paste them into the online form.

Before submitting, ensure that you have provided the following supporting information to your application:

  • Proof of your age and residency (e.g copy of birth certificate, driver’s license or passport)
  • Proof of nationality or status as a permanent resident (e.g. birth certificate or passport)
  • Proof of employment or business ownership (e.g. letter from employer, provision of employer contact details and/or business activity statement, evidence of business purchase)
  • Letter from your employer outlining their support for your application and how this training will help them achieve their business goals.

Enquiries can be made to the Executive Officer, Lauren Ryan on 0447 812 621.


Do I need to have enrolled in the training before I apply?

No, if completing the training is dependent on you receiving the fellowship, you can enrol after you find out whether you were successful or not.


What kind of training does this support?

All kinds of things! Short courses, professional development, training to learn to use a new piece of equipment, licencing. Essentially, if you can show that the training will provide a benefit to yourself, your employer and/or the wider Deniliquin community, we will consider it!


Can you give me some examples of what would be eligible?

Chris works in reception but she wants to increase her skills and manage the website and social media for the business. She has found a two-day workshop to learn the basics of digital marketing.
She should apply, this fits perfectly into the criteria.  


Bob is a builder and has been thinking about buying a new piece of equipment, but you need to be specially trained to use it. His employee Basil is under 35 and would like to be trained to use the new equipment, should Bob encourage Basil to apply?

Yes! This would be perfect, supporting both Basil’s development and Bob’s business aims. 


Lauren works at Chamber and wants to pursue her lifelong ambition of going to clown school and become a performing clown. Should she apply?
Look It’s not a straight up no. Will Lauren be using her new-found performance skills to provide entertainment for free at Chamber events? Then yes, we could support that. Will Lauren just be training as a clown then leaving Deniliquin to join the circus? Then no, we wouldn’t support that. 

Fellowship Alumni 
2019 Fellowship Recipient - Jesse Taylor.

Course Completed: Certificate IV in Property Sales.

In a career change, Jesse commenced work with Big River Real Estate as a Property Manager in 2017 after transitioning from a supervisory role with the Deniliquin RSL Club.
His passion for people and ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life has brought him significant success in the role and cemented his decision to remain in the real estate industry. The Chamber Riggall Fellowship provided Jesse with the ability to commence studies to complete his Certificate IV in Property Services, a qualification which is necessary for the next step in his career journey to become a Sales Agent.
2020 Fellowship Recipient – Daniel Jordan
Course Completed: Aerial Application Rating
Committed to his career development at local business, Field Air Riverina, Daniel has shown significant investment into pursuing his career goal of becoming an Agricultural Pilot.
Starting in 2013 with Field Air as a loader driver, he began the first step in the process of becoming an Ag Pilot by gaining his private pilot’s licence, and subsequently his commercial pilots licence.
The Chamber Riggall Fellowship will provide Daniel with the competencies necessary to continue his training and fulfil his ambition of becoming an Agricultural Pilot with Field Air Riverina.